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Project Art Lead

We are looking for a passionate artist and Art Lead to join our team. Your mission is to define the art, aesthetics, immersive visuals and distinctive experiences of our flagship fashion game project.

As the Project Art Lead, you will be at the forefront of defining the art, aesthetics, and immersive visuals that shape our flagship fashion game project. Your passion for art and leadership skills will be pivotal in driving the art team to create distinctive and captivating player experiences.

You will work closely with the team leadership to envision and refine epic visual content for our products and drops. You will play a primary role in guiding and overseeing both internal and external concept assignments, ensuring the development stages are well-defined and workflows are efficient. Your keen eye for detail and creativity will be put to use as you personally generate visual materials like references, style guides, mood boards, storyboards, and implementation-ready assets.

Collaboration will be key in this role as you partner with internal and external stakeholders to assess project efforts and explore potential collaborations. Additionally, you will actively contribute to expanding the art team and mentoring fellow artists, fostering an environment of openness to feedback and constructive criticism.

Your experience in the games and/or fashion industry, especially in art direction and concept direction, will be valuable in providing feedback and guidance to concept artists and ensuring top-quality outcomes for props and environments. You’ll also use your expertise in character and garment design to set up a scalable pipeline for multiple artists to leverage.

As an artist, your solid skills in proportions, perspective, rendering, composition, storytelling, and color theory will breathe life into our game environments and graphic designs. Proficiency in digital image creation and editing software, including the Adobe Suite, is essential for your day-to-day tasks.

Your hands-on approach will extend to working with 3D modeling software and game engines, bringing your creative ideas to life within the gaming world. Furthermore, your organizational and documentation skills will play a role in maintaining file structures, content applications, workflows, and art bibles.

In summary, as the Project Art Lead, you will be more than just a leader; you will be an integral part of the art creation process, working closely with the team to shape our vision, inspire innovation, and ensure the highest quality in our fashion game project. Your hands-on involvement will be a catalyst for the team’s success, and your dedication to collaborative, iterative, and agile processes will drive us forward.

Who are you?

  • 3+ years in the games industry working in an artist capacity, with at least 1 shipped AA title.
  • 2+ years in the games or fashion industry working in an art director or concept director capacity, including the tasking of concept art, providing feedback directly to concept artists regarding work in progress, and ensuring quality concept outcomes in support of prop or environment artists.
  • Experienced with designing of character models and garments and setting up a scalable pipeline for multiple artists to use.
  • Passionate, without ego and an attitude that welcomes feedback and criticism, and enjoys working in a collaborative, iterative, and agile process.
  • Artistic solid skills including proportions, perspective, rendering light on form, value, composition, storytelling, and color theory regarding environments, architectural forms, and graphic design.
  • Strong knowledge of Adobe Suite, digital image creation and editing software.
  • Strong knowledge of Blender, Unity 3D incl. Shadergraph, PBRs
  • Strong knowledge of Character Creator and iClone
  • Impressive communication and strong problem-solving skills.
  • Solid understanding of game art with ability to explore a wide variety of ideas for the intersection of gaming and fashion.
  • 3D experience in game engine and modeling software
  • Content organization and documentation skills including file structures, content in applications, workflows and art bibles

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