What can you expect when joining Vizta Dgtl?

We can guarantee that your co-workers are an inspiration to work with. We play as a team and are always there to either cheer or assist you. You can expect responsibility in growing and shaping our team and company culture from day 1. Part of our culture will also be to be playing our own and competitor games during dedicated office hours together with your colleagues. After all, we are creating immersive and fun experiences that need to be felt and understood both on an analytical and empathic level .

If you didn’t find an open position, that suits you 100%, don’t worry. Candidates never fit 100% and that is good, after all we want to grow with you and your talent, that means we don’t know everything ourselves. Please leave an open application. We’re always open to talking to game professionals who are empowered by our mission and that resonate with our values.