Where Fashion meets passion.

VIZTA is a new game studio dedicated to creating deeply engaging experiences with wide social appeal, particularly targeting women and those who haven’t traditionally identified as gamers.

As we experience the strongest paradigm shift in technology, generations, and audiences, we aim to revolutionize the intersection of games, fashion, tech, and commerce with our debut product.
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KUTUR: Style What’s Next is revolutionizing digital fashion by merging fashion, gaming, technology, and commerce into one cutting-edge platform. Our 3D visual design meets the highest standards, delivering stunning, immersive visuals that set us apart. Currently in the alpha phase, KUTUR is already garnering attention from top fashion brands and media outlets. Leveraging Web3 for digital ownership and AI-powered creator tools, we let users design and own unique fashion pieces across platforms. KUTUR, with strong 3D fashion RPG game elements, is set to bridge the gap in the market, catering to 1.7 billion underserved female and diverse players. Fashion transcends boundaries—it’s a universal language of passion, emotion, and unity. With innovative technology and bold go-to-market strategies, KUTUR is poised to transform the gaming and entertainment landscape, tapping into previously untapped markets and filling a huge gap in an underserved industry.

The Team

At Vizta, our team’s expertise in game development, publishing, luxury branding, and web3 innovation uniquely positions us to excel in the competitive digital fashion and gaming market. With a proven track record of managing large-scale online portals and pioneering free-to-play gaming, we offer users a unique and immersive experience. Our team, with strong complementary skills, talents, and backgrounds, is comprised of highly regarded experts in their respective fields. We have a history of disrupting industries in fashion, lifestyle, media, and games. Our strategic partnerships with top fashion houses and influencers enhance our platform’s appeal, providing exclusive in-game content and driving organic growth. We are ahead of the curve in applying cutting-edge technology, utilizing Web3 for ownership of digital goods, allowing users to take their fashion wherever they go, and AI-powered creator tools that enable players to become fashion designers. Vizta stands strong with a robust team, innovative capabilities, and strategic alliances that offer unparalleled competitive advantages.

What our Clients say

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